InvisiHosting was founded in 2006 to provide a service to individuals who require the support of advanced technology without compromising their privacy. We recognize the importance of protecting your identity from corporations, agencies and nations who may gather unnecessary personal data that you'd rather keep to yourself.

Because security and anonymity are so fundamentally important to us, we are doing our part to promote awareness of individuals' rights, despite intrusive government actions.

Countless cases of privacy invasion by large corporations in conjunction with government entities have been exposed:

While less disturbing, but infuriating all the same, many e-commerce companies are under litigation for selling customer information to third parties, despite repeated and bogus claims that said information is not collected, nor will it ever be shared.

You'll never have to deal with dishonest service or deceitful business practices at InvisiHosting. Rather than perpetuate the insidious abuse by various agencies and corporations, InvisiHosting will protect your freedoms and rights to provide a safe haven for you to maintain a secure and anonymous online presence. Everyone deserves the right to enjoy the rewards of technology with total peace of mind and assurance.